For this month’s Youth Spotlight we are focusing on our upcoming Summer Camp program. We previously heard from our Camp Director, Jack Lutzeier, on his perspective as a Jr. Magic partner. We now take a dive into our robust camp program and what makes it the top choice in Central Florida this summer.

Tell us a little about your coaching experience including international travels

I have been blessed to coach all over the world, overseeing youth and professional basketball training. I have traveled now to 23 different countries and have coached in places like Venezuela, Spain, Dubai, France and many more. Getting to travel all around the world, teaching and learning the game, has given me a different perspective and more ways to communicate and to teach the game that I could have never had without my travel experiences.

How many camps are offered during our summer program?

We offer 25 total camps during the summer, ranging from our little players mini-camp all the way to our overnight camp held July 29 – August 2.

What type of camps are offered throughout the summer?

As previously mentioned, we offer a variety from mini-camp to overnight camps. However, our day camp is our go-to camp that runs 9a.m. – 4p.m. each day and offers 32 hours of expert instruction. This option fully immerses our students in the Orlando Magic basketball learning culture.

What does a standard Orlando Magic camp look like?

The camp starts by our staff evaluating the players and teaching basic cues and drills that we build on all week. After we have grouped our players accordingly, we begin to play games such as 3 vs. 3 and 5 vs. 5 to assess further what we will be teaching during the week. The camp format remains the same each camp, however the emphasis on instruction can change week to week based on what we see the players are needing most.

Are these camps aimed at a specific age or skillset?

We teach everyone. From beginners to the “elite” player, we have a coaching staff that will teach according to each level. Our staff will push every player to achieve a better understanding of the game and give the tools to play at the level they need.

How is the coaching staff selected and what type of experience do our coaches typically bring to the court?

Coaches come to us from all over. This summer alone we have coaches who have reached out to us from other NBA youth programs, college programs, high schools and middle schools around the state. We also have former camp alumni that are currently in college and have been a part of The National Basketball Academy’s travel teams that come back and coach during the summer. None of our coaches are under the age of 18 and must pass a background screening and an interview before starting.

Approximately how many participants have you instructed during your time overseeing Orlando Magic camps?

This will be our 10th summer with the Magic and we’ve had over 10,000 players here in this program alone. Across the globe and in all of our programming we have seen over 400,000 players in the last 12 years.

Have there been any notable basketball players that have participated?

We have had many players attend our program that achieve a high level of play (college and professionally). A few that come to mind are Chandler Parsons, Austin Rivers and the WNBA’s Alexis Prince.

What is your favorite aspect about our camp program?

Getting to teach the game and change the lives of the young people in our community.

Why should a potential participant choose our camp over any other camp in town?

The instruction and professionalism of our camps are second to none. With the NBA and the Magic stamp of approval on the camp we need to be at the highest level and we work for that every day. Not to mention the camp swag package is awesome and includes a basketball, shirt, ticket to a Magic home game and much more!

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