He speaks these words to his team – KJ Campbell, Jase Chilcoat, Davis Pruett and Sharvil Salve — at the first of what will be many brainstorming sessions. The group is gathering to identify a song from a lengthy list of options as well as potential shots and locations to complement the selected beat. Hooker says the video for Season 11 of Thunder Basketball should be reflective of the city and state: optimistic, reflective and bold.

The creative juices are flowing as the “Born for Greatness” video is played on the large screen in a Thunder conference room. Hooker frequently hits pause to share his vision, briefly describing possible locations and how to incorporate fans and Thunder entertainers throughout the piece. Other team members jump in the lively discussion, building on that vision while suggesting shots, angles and locations specific to words and beats used throughout the song.

Hooker issues a challenge to each member of his team in advance of their next gathering: Bring visual examples of the desired shots to be used. The group assembles a couple of days later, armed with photocopies and printed materials of iconic landmarks that can be placed in an ever-evolving storyboard.

The consensus among the team? This song is it!

The song, vision and rough storyboard is presented to a larger audience that includes Thunder senior vice president Brian Byrnes and others for a deep dive into the details and, ultimately, final sign-off. The song is bold, all agree, but empowering and vastly different from years’ past. The shots in the video can support a continued confidence as Thunder Basketball moves into its second decade.

“This is all about getting the right frame, the right shot, the right angle,” Hooker says. “We’ll be very intentional with our shoots – all corners covered, all fans included.”

The green light to proceed is given.

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