We take a look at what the Sacramento forward needs with him on a daily basis.

Whether you’re driving, flying or somewhere in between, everyone needs their essentials.

It could be our phones, Apple AirPods, a portable battery or something entirely different. We know what to bring with us on any trip.

This is no different for NBA players, as the travel schedule for a player in The Association is often a lengthy one.

“First is my phone,” Harrison Barnes said. “Because in the NBA there’s always news going on so you always have to have your phone.”

It’s only fitting that No. 40 brings with him his second essential, a charger, to make sure he’s always plugged in and ready wherever he goes.

My bible,” continued Barnes. “I never travel anywhere without it. It’s always in my bag.”

The next essentials are items we all can relate to, but can never forget when traveling.

“A toothbrush, I always have to stay fresh. And deodorant.”

Is there an item that Barnes brings with him that nobody could guess?

My foam roller,” the small forward admitted. “Even if I’m not doing basketball workouts, it’s always attached to me on the hip.”

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